Superhero Frame - Wonder Woman


Superhero Frame - Wonder Woman



This bespoke and UNIQUE  Frame  that can come displayed in white or black. The size is 25cm x 25cm x 4.5cm deep. The frame includes front glass to protect your display or if you wish the glass can be removed  of easy access to your collection.

You can wall hang your frame (frame fixtures included) or free stand it on a desk or table ect.

This frame includes genuine Lego inverted slope (black or White)

====== SO WHAT ARE YOU GETTING? ======

Our unique acrylic mount insert and Frame

Genuine LEGO bricks 

professionally produced print on 220gsm lustre paper 

"My Mum My Superhero"   or  "Our Mum Our Superhero"

Wondoer Womon Minifigure (NON genuine Lego figure)

====== OUR PRINTS ======

Our prints are professionally produced by a company who specialize in printing for the photography bussiness - giving the prints we use a superior finish to really show off you minifigs!

They are produced on 220 gsm lustre silver halide paper.